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Allowing only one account sign up per person per IP Address, anyone who signs up more than one account or having the same IP Address will be terminated without warning. Your account must be active or must be signed in at least once a week.
Option: Choosing to upgrade your account is optional, you can stay free and still earn big, by doing the following steps:

1)   After your account has been signed up - simply log into your back office.

2)  On the right hand side tab - click on Earning Area

3)    On the left hand side - click on Click Links

4)  Click on the Link Web-Site and wait for the 60 seconds timer to run out (located on the top left hand side corner).

  At that same corner when the timer runs out - click on one of the numbers inside the box that matches the one number outside the box and you earn $10 then close that Link Site

Click on another Link to earn another $10 and so on..................... Limited some Links at a time in every few moment (always come back often log into your back office again because the Available Links for click can pop up at anytime and you can start doing the same process from number 1 to 6
 steps above). 

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